Welcome to the Career Center!

Scheduling of Appointments
We are currently scheduling appointments in-person, over the phone, or via Zoom. Please be advised that this will be updated as needed to reflect the guidelines provided by the CDC, the Commonwealth of MA, and Springfield College. To schedule an appointment with a counselor, please call the Career Center at 413-748-3222. If there's no answer, please leave us a message and we will respond promptly. In your message please provide your name, ID number, phone number, and any other pertinent information. 
Whether you need assistance with a resume, cover letter, the job search, networking and informational interviewing, how to create a LinkedIn account, graduate school advising, plus other career-related topics, please remember that we are here, as always, to support you with all of your current and future career endeavors. 
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Career Center Services - Beyond Appointments
In addition to having appointments with our counselors, we as Career Center professionals are cognizant of your additional career-related needs. Therefore, in this PrideNET page we have purposely housed as many resources together to overemphasize the abundance and wealth of resources that the Career Center has to offer you. These resources are available to you, twenty-four hours per day, continuously, at no charge. Throughout this page, you will find career guides to help you build your professional network and prepare for interviews. Additionally, you will find career search websites that will help you connect further toward your intended career path. You will also find links to job search engines that specialize in connecting you with agencies who are dedicated to creating and retaining a diverse, professional workforce. Springfield College's Career Center provides unique online resources specifically for our students that you will find on this page including but not limited to the Focus2 self-assessment to help you discover what strengths you possess. You can also find a link to our Youtube Channel which has updated videos on new trends, recommendations, and information geared at helping you throughout your job search and other career-related endeavors.  
Next Steps
Our team will continue to strategically send out frequent email correspondence about our services, helpful tips, how we can assist you, and we will continue to be heavily involved with the dissemination of information and helpful tips on our social media platforms. For your convenience, I have also included a link to the Career Center's website: https://springfield.edu/career-center  where you can find more information regarding our services and offerings.   
Career Center Mission
The Career Center's mission is to educate, inspire, and empower students and alumni to effectively make well-informed career decisions. We promote an atmosphere where students are actively engaged in career explorations that lead to employment and post-graduation opportunities and enhance lifelong learning.  We are committed to providing comprehensive resources, programs and counseling that foster professionalism and meaningful learning experiences that enable students to function successfully in a global society.