Working for the United States Government is very rewarding and prestigious. By exploring the several links below, you will quickly find many reasons why you would want to become employed with the Federal Government. By reviewing the following websites, you will learn about the various employment opportunities that exist, learn more about the application process, helpful resume suggestions, and the Federal Government's selection and hiring processes, in addition to many other valuable tools and resources.

According to, "The nation's largest employer wants you to: address the tough challenges that our country is facing today. Contribute to projects that affect the lives of over 300 million people. Help make a difference." In addition, "Explore a career with the Federal Government and enjoy all of the great rewards of being a government employee; meaningful, challenging work, flexible work schedules, mobility, training and development, student loan repayment, competitive salary, great benefits, comprehensive health coverage, job security, and generous vacation and leave policies."

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