Welcome to the Springfield College Parent Portal. This site allows parents and authorized guests to view and manage their student's Springfield College financial information:

  • Student eBill/Payment Plan, including making an online payment
  • Student Account Details
  • Student Holds
  • 1098-T Information
  • Class Schedule
  • Academic Information

To gain access to the portal, students must setup an account and grant the appropriate permissions for each authorized user.  Students will also need to provide users with their Springfield College student ID number, to enable them to confirm their account and gain access to the portal.

Please keep in mind that your list of features may vary, depending on the privileges granted to you by the student.  Only the student can grant or revoke these privileges. If any changes are required, please contact the student directly.

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Student Accounts
Administration Building, 1st Floor
Phone: 413-748-3183
Email: StudentAccounts@Springfield.edu

Financial Aid Office
Administration Building, 1st Floor
Phone: 413-748-3108
Email: FinancialAid@SpringfieldCollege.edu